For several years, I have been streaming live performances into second life. Somewhere along the way, I was struck with the desire to have my own live music venue. Not so much to be a venue mogul, but to have a place to perform on a moment’s whim.

After procuring a little spot, I set forth to purchase the stuff I needed to equip my stage. I quickly learned that there are a number of holes in what is available for purchase in second life, in terms of realistic looking sound gear. After numerous hours of shopping, I concluded that there was nothing available on the grid to satisfy my discriminating needs.

I should probably point out that my RL counterpart has been a musician for quite a few years, and has substantial experience performing for crowds from intimate size to thousands. Further, he operates a successful event production and sound reinforcement company. It may be I inherited my pickiness regarding sound gear from him.

After some soul searching, I decided that what was needed was a new line of sound equipment focused upon realism. So I built some. I’ll be building more. And it’s good stuff.

I think you’ll find that our line of sound gear fills a hole in the current SL marketplace — gear that is photorealistic, scaled appropriately, deployed in a proper manner, has flexible permissions, and is eminently affordable.

I hope to bring you new levels of realism in your live music venue, stage, or musical performance.

- Krell Karu, proprietor, RealSoundGear.com

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