Medium venue line array system

Ideal for most venues, our mid-format line array forms the core of your system.

The -(( RSG ))- VT4887 is a full-range, mid-format line array cabinet, conveniently preconfigured in a 12-element J-hang.

-(( RSG ))- VT4887 12-box J-hang - pos ad

-(( RSG ))- VT4887 12-box J-hang - pos ad

Our 12-box hang of this mid-format line array system is optimized for the vast majority of metaverse venues. Already linked and curved, this is the proper solution for venues from 1024 to 4096 square meters.

We provide copy perms, so you need buy only once. It is also mod perms — if you want a shorter hang, you can just unlink cabs. You could even re-link a longer array, if such is desired. Heck – make a couple main hangs, a couple delays, and even several fills — all from your reasonable first time investment.

You want the best for your visitors. The proper sound system leads directly to more booty shaking… to more fist-pumping… to more fun. Visit one of our -(( RSG ))- locations today and get your venue amped with the VT4887.

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