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OK – here’s our hunt giftie for the Where’s The Love Hunt. It is a wonderful triple-purpose prize -

  1. parcel music URL changer
  2. somewhat snarky but eminently truthful take on what it takes to get each other revved
  3. short intro scripting guide

Onesies: So at its base, this is a Parcel Media URL Changer. For each parcel of land in SL, there is the option of having that parcel tied to a particular music source. SL music works on Shoutcast technology, which is what underpins internet radio. Any parcel owner can set their parcel’s Music URL in Land Properties to an internet radio station of their choice.  For anyone Playing Streaming Music, as soon as they set foot on your parcel, they’ll hear the internet radio station that you specified.

But how do you specify the internet radio station you wish to play on your land? There are a number of ways, but the easiest is to rez this radio. Once rezzed, this radio presents you with pushbutton selection from a dozen radio stations. How simple could it be? Not much simpler. Push a button, get a new station. Yay’s ‘n’ stuff!

Twosies: We don’t often talk about it, but we all know it. How does a prospective suitor get a woman in the mood for love? Romance her, flatter her, feed her, whisper sweet nothings in her ear, open the door for her, hold her, give her flowers, hold her hand – wait – those two were in the wrong order – you’ll need to start again at the top. How do you get a man ready for love? Umm, no work required. The subject of many a song and many more a joke. This radio reflects that duality.

Threesies: This radio comes pre-loaded with a dozen great radio stations covering genres from Electronica to Country to HipHop to Folk to whatever — even including three stations dedicated to SL artists. But what if your favorite internet radio station isn’t included in the offerings? No matter! The music URL changer script is modifyable. Further, it is commented in a way that a new scripter can follow the embedded instructions to add their own favorites. Learn an intro to scripting and yield a usable artifact in the process – what could be more rewarding? None!

-(( RSG ))- parcel music URL changer

-(( RSG ))- parcel music URL changer


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