subwoofers are what get the dance floor moving

Screaming guitars? Got it.

Compelling vocals? Check.

Shimmering keys? Ripping horns? Slammin’ backbeat? Yup, affirmative, and in spades.

But somehow, a club just ain’t a club, until the floor shudders with every thud of the kick drum. Pulsating, bone-jarring, vision-blurring — the low end comes to us courtesy of subwoofers. If you really want the excitement of a musical hot-spot, you need some good subs.

Guess what? -(( RSG ))- makes subwoofers. Good ones. Ideally matched to our mid-format line array, our VT4881 are just the ticket for getting the dance floor jumpin’.

The VT4881 is faithfully modeled upon an RL counterpart. Premium single 18″ units, with exceptional low-end excursion. Grab a single for a small room, or one of our convenient pre-stacked arrays for your large open-air concert venue:

  • 1 wide x 1 tall
  • 1 wide x 2 tall
  • 1 wide x 3 tall
  • 1 wide x 4 tall
  • 2 wide x 1 tall
  • 2 wide x 2 tall
  • 2 wide x 3 tall
  • 2 wide x 4 tall
  • 3 wide x 1 tall
  • 3 wide x 2 tall
  • 3 wide x 3 tall
  • 3 wide x 4 tall
  • 4 wide x 1 tall
  • 4 wide x 2 tall
  • 4 wide x 3 tall
  • 4 wide x 4 tall

each one single bitty little prim. Sure you could buy the 1 x 1. and link any of the arrays yourself. But if you let us do the stacking, you save on prims.

-(( RSG ))- VT4881 sub - all stacks - pos ad

-(( RSG ))- VT4881 sub - all stacks - pos ad

Like our companion mid-format line array, these come as Yes Copy; Yes Mod; No Transfer. Any copyable stack just L500.

Get to your nearest -(( RSG ))- location and get the dance floor moving today!

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