where’s the love? hunt

Well, here’s something new. Actually, here’s a couple of somethings new. And it promises to be a fun time for all our current customers, as well as drawing new people into the fold.

New Thing #1: RealSoundGear will be stop #65 on the Where’s The Love grid-wide hunt. I’m hoping we meet a lot of new people, as they drop by our little link in the hunt chain. I presume most in the audience are familiar with these hunts – but if not, you really ought to give at least one a try. It’s a great way to have a lot of fun, while stuffing your inventory with cool new stuff.

WLH sign

WLH sign

The Where’s The Love? hunt is a production of the Happy Hunters Hunts group, mostly corralled by Jessicah Spyker. They’ve had quite a few great hunts so far, and we’re happy to be a part of their newest quest.

New Thing #2: The item we are giving away for the Where’s The Love hunt is quite a departure from the wares you’re used to us providing. We’ll be rolling out details as the next few weeks progress, but we can give some hints.

As you are out adventurating around the grid, it will provide a soundtrack for those left pining your absence at home. Moreover, it will allow you to set the mood of the home fires. Upon your return, of course, you will be met with a most appreciative audience, awaiting your triumphant return.

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