First Spec Install at Solana’s Place


We just finished an install at Solana’s Place.

This fine venue is one of the busiest in Second Life. With a tireless staff, and always a friendly smile, Solana’s Place brings you some of the finest talent on the grid.

We’ve just upgraded the sound system there with:

  • (2) -(( RSG ))- line array VT4887 12-Element J-hang (12 prims)
  • (2) -(( RSG ))- subwoofer VT4881 1-wide, 2-high (1 prim)
-(( RSG ))- install at Solana's Place

Install at Solana's Place

“We’re quite pleased to have been selected by Solana’s”, says Krell Karu, general manager of RealSoundGear. “It is a top-notch venue, and now has sound to match”. “We truly value her endorsement of our systems.”

“I’m really enthused about the new system from RealSoundGear”, says Solana Python, proprietress of Solana’s Place. “They really lend a finished, professional look to our concerts, and of course they sound just stunning.”

-(( RSG ))- at Solana's Place

Happy customer Solana gets a subwoofer ride

You can see and hear the RealSoundGear mid-format line array for yourself at Solana’s Place, at one of the many shows produced there:

If you decide that this is the ideal sound system for your venue as well, you can ‘buy as copy’ any of these pieces. They are all Yes Copy; Yes Mod; No Transfer. Or see our full line at one of our regular shops.

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